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NakiRadio devices are the family-friendly solution for kosher audio entertainment

What is Naki Radio?

NakiRadio is a connected speaker with a collection of today's top kosher audio content. With music stations, podcasts, stories, shiurim, audiobooks and much more, you'll always find something great to listen to on Naki.

Simply connect the NakiRadio to your home or office wifi network and you'll be scrolling through dozens of choices right out of the box, no computer or smarthphone required.

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The complete Naki catalogue includes hundreds of items that you can easily add to your device using our online Portal

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I cannot tell you how much my children and our family is enjoying this item it is indescribable


We really enjoy the radio and it is literally in use from morning to night.


Our kids really love it to the point where they’re spellbound at supper bedtime and more! As well as us the parents between the great variety of music and shiurim it’s definitely an excellent buy!


I recently purchased a NakiRadio! We love it!!!! The best invention


There are no words to describe how much my family has enjoyed your radio!!!!


We are really enjoying our NakiRadio immensely! All ages have something to listen to and it’s playing the whole day! Thank you so so much!


We have been absolutely loving this. Thank you so much for creating a clean, safe, interesting and great addition to our home!


We’re all enjoying the Naki! Best purchase ever! Already had 3 friends order their own


Hi we have been using the radio for a few months already and my family is loving every minute of it. My children especially are loving the story programs.


I would like to thank you for such an amazing recreation for my kids. I even enjoy it! This is an amazing invention. I will definitely recommend it to others!


I purchased your radio for my grandchildren…I’ve been buying gifts for years…. never has anything I bought been used as much as this radio


Even more popular than their bikes or Magnatiles…Best investment ever!


Thank you for such a great idea and product my kids love it


Made Pesach cleaning a lot more enjoyable!!] I’m so glad it came in time to give us joy through Adar!!


I love, love, love, LOVE the radio, we have it on all day. I used to use my phone, but when I needed to look something up I would have to stop the music, this is great!


What an amazing product and unparalleled customer service. Win win. Thank you!


What an amazing product and unparalleled customer service. Win win. Thank you!


I feel like we just stocked our house with a hundred new CDs! It has truly made our ‘coming home from school crash time’ so much more smooth and pleasant.


We love them so much, I had to buy 3, because all my kids needed one in each of their rooms!


Just wanted to let you know my family is really enjoying it!!


Daily NakiRadio user that thanks to you guys it has literally added a huge amount of positive energy into my house!!


Create a free Portal account today to view the complete collection of available content.

NakiRadio is equipped right out of the box with dozens of stations, shows and podcasts which have been determined to be suitable for all ages. The complete Naki catalogue includes hundreds of additional choices which users can add at their discretion. Use the Portal to easily add or remove items from your Naki devices.