The First Ever

Kosher WifiRadio Player

NakiRadio is the first wifi radio player streaming only pre-approved Jewish channels. Our programming includes live streaming channels and on-demand channels with an array of music, kids programming, shiurim and more!  Below is our current channel list, all programming is subject to change based on content providers.

  • A Magid’s Market Audiobooks
  • A Shazak Parsha Project
  • Chabad Music
  • Chabad Torah Classes
  • Chazaq Radio
  • Classic Nigunim
  • Geula FM
  • Israel Radio 1
  • Jewish Bedtime Stories
  • Jewish Hits
  • Jewish Radio Network
  • JewishMusic Stream
  • JRoot Non-Stop Music
  • JRoot Radio
  • Kol Baramah
  • Kol Baramah Lakewood
  • Kol Chai
  • Kollel Horaah America
  • Radio Kol Haneshama
  • Scoop Kids
  • Scoop Radio Music
  • Scoop Talk
  • Torah Anytime
  • Torah Anytime Kids
  • Torah Anytime Mussar
  • Torah Anytime Parsha

Your Family Companion.

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plays only pre-approved stations
check our current list of stations here

connect external devices to device speaker via 3.5 mm jack auxiliary input

features a 10 hour rechargeable battery for endless enjoyment

certified and approved by the Machane Kadosh organization

radio player includes an alarm clock feature for your convenience

available in a choice of 3 sleek colors to match your room decor



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Weekly Programming Updates Available

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