Revolutionary Jewish Radio

NakiRadio is the first wifi radio player streaming only pre-approved Jewish channels.
Our programming includes live streaming channels and on-demand options you can select and play at will.
Enjoy all the best Jewish music, kids programming, shiurim and special shows on one convenient device.

Live-Streaming Channels

A Shazak Parsha Project
Audiobooks by A Maggid’s Market
Chabad Music
Chabad Torah Classes
Geula FM
Israel One
Jewish Bedtime Stories
Jewish Hits
Jewish Radio Network
JewishMusic Stream

JRoot Radio
Just A Moment
Kol Baramah
Kol Baramah Lakewood
Kol Chai
Scoop Kids
Scoop Radio Music
Scoop Talk
SYNY Radio
Torah Anytime

NakiRadio Library

An extensive collection of stories & shiurim that can be played anytime on demand.

All About Pesach
cRc Kashrus
Daily Holy Story
Kollel Horaah of America
Stories to Inspire
The Navi Podcast
The Rabbi Orlofsky Show
The Shmuz
Mishna Rishona
Daf Yomi
The Story Collection
TorahAnytime Parsha
Toras Avigdor
Zera Shimshon


24 hour kids



alarm clock


NakiRadio HOME Premium Features

The NakiRadio HOME series includes all the original NakiRadio content,
Plus many new hi-tech options for even more ways to enjoy.

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NakiRadio is available for purchase at these quality retailers: Boro Park:Focus Camera, 905 McDonald AvenueKeter, 5309 13th AvenueNew Eichler’s, 5004 13th AvenueToys4U, 4714 13th AvenueDuddy’s Electronics, 4415 14th Ave Cedarhurst:Judaica Plus, 445 Central Avenue Crown Heights:Hamafitz, 361 Kingston Avenue Flatbush:Ben Judaica, 1012 Avenue LEichler’s, 1401 Coney Island AvenueHecht’s C&S Skullcap, 1265 Coney Island AvenueJudaica Place, 1917 Avenue MTorah Treasures, 2926 Avenue L Lakewood:DB Electronics, 19 Clifton AvenueJudaica Plaza, 1700 Madison AvenueKeter, 12 America AvenueLakewood Judaica, 150 James StreetToys4U, 1700 Madison Avenue Monsey:Torah Treasures, 455 Route 306 Montreal:Victoria Gift Shop, 5875 Victoria Avenue Toronto:Crown Judaica, 2835 Bathurst Street Queens:Safra Judaica & Stam, 69-64 Main Street Williamsburg:Midtown Camera, 185 Lee Avenue