One Gift And Done.  Introducing The Toy For All Ages.

This Chanukah, get the gift your whole family will love.  NakiRadio is a Wifi Radio Player streaming kosher entertainment from all your favorite Jewish Channels.  Now your family can enjoy the latest music hits, stories and shiurim all on one user friendly device.

“It’s a very cool concept,” says Yehudah Miltz of DB Electonics, “there’s a growing demand for a product like this, a unique, kosher version of the streaming option. I see people buying it not just for children but also for their teenagers who want to stream the latest music.”

Moshe Eisenberg of NakiRadio discusses the motivation that led to the device’s creation. “As time goes on, increasingly more products and services are being offered only on the web. Yet we all know that the internet is no place to be searching for entertainment. NakiRadio acts as a real-world filter, programmatically zeroing in on only appropriate material and extracting it from the web. Not surprisingly, feedback from our customers has been uniformly positive.”

NakiRadio was created by a group of askanim involved in TAG (the Technology Awareness Group) and Machane Kadosh who saw the need for a kosher device. “My kids love to tune in to The Children’s Hour on New York Jewish Radio, or Jroot’s Storytime, but I had no easy way for them to play these channels,” says Rabbi Dovid Churba, who heads TAG Flatbush. “As a parent, I work hard to protect my children and try to come up with ideas that will safeguard them. A radio that utilizes the latest technology and offers only kosher, pre-approved content is something I would have gladly purchased for my kids—but since one didn’t exist, we decided to create it.”

Moshe Eisenberg of NakiRadio explains that on numerous occasions, customers have purchased a device only to return and purchase a second unit several days later. “Sales have come by word of mouth and people share their experience with the product with friends,” he says. “In the last week or two, demand has exploded. Chanukah season is in full swing and everyone is looking for unique gift ideas. NakiRadio is the one gift for the entire family that will keep on giving all year long!

NakiRadio was designed as a family friendly device with simple menu options and an interactive dial. The device features a convenient 10-hour rechargeable battery for hours of portable entertainment.  Other features include an alarm clock and 3.5 mm jack auxiliary input allowing external devices to play on NakiRadio’s speaker.

“Not only does this minimize screen time, but it’s super educational! My kids are coloring while listening to awesome programs and learning,” says Raizy Fried of Raizy’s Cookin, “And once they’re asleep, I find myself switching the channel to a shiur or the latest music and it makes housework easier and more meaningful!”

NakiRadio is currently streaming Geula FM, Israel Radio 1, Jewish Hits, Jewish Music Stream, Jewish Radio Network, Jroot, Jroot Hebrew, New York Jewish Radio, Rabbi Yitzy Erps, Scoop Radio and Scoop Kids. There are plans to add other pre-approved programming.

The radio player promises to be something the whole family will love.  Get yours today with free shipping using coupon code JCN.